Medasyst is making a real difference in peoples’ lives with improved care and compliance.

Medasyst User

Medasyst has helped
remove the trauma for
Amanda in taking many
medications for her
chronic illnesses.

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Medasyst User

Ross often chokes or gets his medications stuck in his throat. Ross says that the Medasyst technology has ‘saved his life.’ He has also travelled overseas with his Medasyst unit allowing him to take better control of his medication regime, even while travelling.

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Dominic talks about his
patients that are
benefitting from the
Medasyst technology
and advantages around
improved health
outcomes through
better compliance.

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Medasyst is also exploring opportunities in Veterinary Markets. Better outcomes for animals and time savings for clinics.

Dr Pat

Dr Pat talks about exciting opportunities in veterinary care using the Medasyst technology for small dose sizes and easier administration of liquid doses to exotic bird species.

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