My daughter has numerous medical conditions, including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, as well as gastroparesis. She has an NJ tube placed, and the medasyst machine has been a life saver. We put the machine on for 5 mins, and all her medications are dissolved. It mixes so well that there are no lumps or grit left to block the tube. Due to swallowing difficulties, if she ever had the NJ tube removed, we would have peace of mind knowing she could keep dissolving these medications and have her safely take them. It saves so much time now, not having to crush tablets by hand. Thank you.

Helen and Emma

I have been living with chronic health conditions my entire life including Ehlers- Danlos, Overactive Mast Cell Disorder and Eosinophilic esophagitis, which causes me to have issues swallowing. This has created trauma for me to the extent that I sometimes refuse to take my medications.

I have a myriad of medications that assist me to manage my conditions, I have tried various ways to take medication including pill cutters and trying to disguise it in foods, all of which I have had no success with. Some medications are too large and get stuck in my oesophagus for hours, causing pain and trauma.

The Medasyst is amazing and I was able to use it with ease, I simply popped all of my medication into the device at once and in 4 short minutes it was liquid. I wanted to cry tears of joy and relief that this device will now remove the trauma for me and make taking my medications so much easier. It has removed the sheer dread that I have experienced for years, and the impact this will have on my life is incredible.

For people like me living with multiple chronic conditions this device is a Godsend, one small device can have such a huge impact on my life. This is an investment in my future & a real help in managing my health.

Amanda S

I have been diagnosed with motor neurone disease which has compromised my ability to swallow, making it impossible to swallow pills without crushing them. The crushing process was difficult and often resulted in wastage of part of the dose.

The Medasyst My Care unit has completely solved that problem and has simplified the process of taking my medications. I can now take my pills in liquid form.without worrying about wasting part of the dose. The My care unit is a simple and effective answer to a daily problem.


Like Amanda I too have been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction with Vocal Cord Dysfunction, so instantly identified with her story.
Hearing of how Medasyst had helped her with taking hard to swallow medications I was keen to try what sounded like an amazing device.
I have been using it for a week now, and I’m so pleased!
In managing chronic illness, medication is a necessity that can be literally be hard to swallow; I take 26 pills a day, of all sorts of shapes and sizes, and any of them can get stuck in my oesophagus causing pain, reflux, chocking and breathing issues. 
Taking my medication in liquid form using the Medasyst has dramatically changed this process for the better – Whilst my condition will always give me swallowing issues the pain of having pills stuck on their way down is now an issue of my past.
Medasyst really lives up to its name 
Many thanks,

Medasyst is a lifesaver to me.

I have a low Gag Reflex and have trouble swallowing large tablets at night. There is no way I can swallow dry. I have tried water, milk, soft drinks, not much help. Strangely, my morning tablets that I take with my morning cappuccino is no problem. I can’t do this at night as coffee after 4pm means no sleep.

My problem is that every 2 – 3 nights a tablet gets stuck and I choke. I can’t swallow, I can’t breathe, I can’t call out to the family because I am trying not to asphyxiate.

So far I have been lucky, with a lot of effort trying to dislodge the tablet, I have succeeded, the tablet goes flying out, as does the water that I drank, out through my mouth and nose.

It is painful for a long time. It feels like I have tried to swallow sandpaper. Later, when I am brave enough I try again, it’s never happened twice.

Well, I saw the Medasyst device at my local pharmacy and the Pharmacist showed and explained the product. It sounded like a perfect solution to my problem. He had a look at my meds and advised that one of my tablets, the monster causing my problem a slow release 1000mg Metformin, 25mm long x 10mm diameter, won’t work, the tablets have to be quick release*.

Contacted my GP, he sent through a script for fast release 500mg. I should mention that I would cut the 1000mg in two – but that wouldn’t help much with swallowing it.

I took it home, I tried it, 5 tablets, and a scoop of Chocolate powder. The cycle took 4-5 min. Perfect, my pills used to taste like poison, the chocolate powder kills their taste.

I think that this device has potentially saved my life.

Ross K

The flavouring masks the flavour of the medications very well, I’m very impressed that I wasn’t able to taste the medication at all.

I really like how easy it is to use, it makes taking medications much easier, especially when I’m struggling to do so. Additionally, as my medication needs to be split every dose, it helps me split the dosage easier and more accurately. I’ve recommend the machine to friends already!