A great way to prepare medicine for the whole family.

Medasyst Mycare:

  • Spill proof
    Large, easy to use controls
  • Includes a variety of flavours
  • Removes the need to deal with gritty, unpleasant tasting crushed pills and tablets
  • Provides a hygienic environment

Mycare rapidly
liquefies tablets.

Medasyst Mycare Unit

No messy crushing and mixing... it’s as simple as 1,2,3.


Always add water to the unit’s reservoir before use. Place the pills and tablets in the Medasyst disposable beaker provided. Add water and the Medasyst flavouring. Open the lid of the unit and place the beaker inside.


Close the lid of the Medasyst Mycare Unit, set the desired time and press start.


The unit emits a ‘beep’ when the cycle is complete. In a short time the pills and tablets have become a pleasant tasting liquid. It is intended that the medication is consumed as soon as possible after using Medasyst. Remove the beaker.

Medasyst Mycare is easy to use.

Medasyst Mycare uses safe ultrasonic technology to convert solid medications into an easy to swallow liquid. Medasyst beakers and flavouring support medication administration at home, for family members of all ages.